Russian avant-garde in Thessaloniki. Lyubov Popova exhibition

17 октября 2020

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On October 11th at the Museum of Modern Art — Kostaki collection (MOMus , Thessaloniki, Greece) — opens an exhibition of Lyubov Popova: «Lyubov Popova: form-color-space». Lyubov is the unique and talented painter, art theo-rist and designer, researcher and experimenter. She is also the founder of avant-garde aesthetics of the early XX century. The ‘Form-color space’ exhibition is the most complete retrospective of the artist — there you can find Lyubov’s art-works over the past 30 years, featuring more than 200 exhibits in the Museum’s collection, as well as unique works from private collections.

Lyubov Popova «Still life with a jug», 1908 © MOMus press service

Lyubov Popova started her path with the drawing studio of S. Y. Zhukovsky, then she attended the Art School of Konstantin Yuon and Ivan Dudin. Then Lyubov moved to the «Tower» studio, where she worked under the direction of Vladimir Tatlin. She worked a lot next to such artists as Ivan Aksenov, Viktor Bart, Alexey Grishchenko, Kirill Zdanevich. But in the early works, nevertheless, Popova’s interest in impressionism and cezannism is very noticeable. In 1912, she entered the La Palette Academy in Montparnasse, where she studied cubism in the studio of Henri Le Fauconnier and other artists. A year later, she returned to Russia and participated in the 4th ‘Jack of diamonds’ exhibition. In the 1920s she began her teaching career in Higher Art and Technical Workshops.

Lyubov Popova «Spatial dynamic construction», 1921 © MOMus press service

Lyubov Popova has made a significant contribution to the development of such areas of painting as cubo-futurism, suprematism, and constructivism. Her ideas were embodied in many design solutions, graphic design, scenography, fabrics and costumes made according to her sketches. The artist’s creative heritage puts her on a par with the most outstanding creators of the Russian avant-garde.

The exhibition opens a large exhibition project MOMus , which will be dedicated to all the outstanding figures of the Russian avant-garde, and will end on March 1, 2020.

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