Nina Rassen: «Russian Art got stuck in the stereotypes. I’m gonna change it»

08 мая 2023

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Not only is Nina Rassen a descendant of the Serebryaniy- Obolenskiys family, but also an artist who has developed her unique style known as «multidimensional bionics». Although her works became quite famous, the artist’s personality had long been a mystery.

«I hadn’t told anybody that those paintings were mine. I wanted to see an unbiased reaction from the viewers. Only a few people knew that I was being actively exhibited at various European galleries. Even my family never had a slightest idea of that».

Yet, what is done in the dark will be brought to the light. As soon as Nina revealed her secret, Tochka Art met with her to talk about the features of «multidimensional bionics», her past experience, and plans for the future.

Nina Rassen
Nina Rassen

Tochka ART: Nina, we know about your remarkable ancestry and fascinating biography. Did they influence your choice of becoming an artist?

Nina Rassen: Well, I don’t like highlighting that. Despite my father being a hereditary prince, I’d like people to perceive me through my art, not my family.

Nina Rassen «The torrid sunrise». Artist’s archives.
Nina Rassen «The torrid sunrise». Artist’s archives.

I was born in Russia but have spent most of my life abroad. In the West, they associate my name with various aristocratic families. The Romanov dynasty, to be precise as we are working on many joint projects. But again, I tend to move away from all the regalia, so the people only perceive me through my paintings.

Tochka ART: Could you explain to our readers what exactly «multidimensional bionics» is?

Nina Rassen: It’s a new painting trend inspired by cellular metabolism, organics and bionics. In my works, I try to show the germ transforming from a cell into a single organism.

Nina Rassen «The Creation. Day 6». Artist’s archives.
Nina Rassen «The Creation. Day 6». Artist’s archives.

I refer to this style as multidimensional because it exists in several dimensions. Such artworks can be viewed and evaluated from different angles. If you take any of my paintings and turn it over, you’ll see an absolutely different subject. It may change its shape, volume, or even transform into something unpredictable.

The concept of bionic architecture is based on a clear understanding of the interactions between form, material, and structure. Antonio Gaudi’s works are considered to be the best example of that.

Точка ART: Gaudi must be the greatest source of inspiration for you. Does the comparison with Gaudi burden you or motivate you instead?

Nina Rassen «The Creation. Day 5». Artist’s archives.
Nina Rassen «The Creation. Day 5». Artist’s archives.

Nina Rassen: To be honest, I had insufficient knowledge about his oeuvre. Of course, I saw his architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. But, I had to learn more after the Spanish curators and gallery owners had started evoking a parallel between my art and his.

By the way, some of my pictures are exhibited in several prominent galleries in Spain. One of them is the Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid. Moreover, the Gaudi Gallery provided my work for the Art3F Paris exhibition last year. Maybe that’s why Spanish art connoisseurs like to compare me with their famous compatriot.

Tochka ART: You also lived in Australia for a while. Could you tell me about the vivid impressions you have of this country?

Nina Rassen «1st law of the Universe». Artist’s archives.
Nina Rassen «1st law of the Universe». Artist’s archives.

Nina Rassen: I’d say it’s an abundance of colours, positive people and a lot of sun. My Australian works are distinguished by bright, joyful colours.

Those who can feel energy say that paintings have a beneficial effect on the viewer. They might contain messages from outer space for the living and the people of the future. The important messages from the multidimensional universe that future generations will decipher someday.

Tochka ART: What is the most inspiring city you’ve lived in? Which one can boast the most creative environment?

Nina Rassen: Moscow is definitely a place of power for me. Neither Paris or Venice can rival Moscow. Sydney was an incubator. In fact, there were many countries and cities, as we moved a lot, so I can’t recall them all.

Nina Rassen «Eyes to eyes». Artist’s archives.
Nina Rassen «Eyes to eyes». Artist’s archives.

Tochka ART: Recently you have joined Artists Trade Union of Russia, which is a great honor yet responsibility. How do you feel about your new status and is it going to change your approach to creativity?

Nina Rassen: The realisation of it hasn’t come yet. I put my certificate onto the wall to keep reminding myself who I really am. Which coincides with the name of one of my artistic projects. Today, it’s me who should keep in mind that «You’re an artist now». Frankly speaking, I find it hard to get used to it because I had never thought of becoming an artist.

This official recognition is rather important for Russian society: the rating, the certificate, and the ticket, where it says «Artist». The Ministry of Culture promised to include me in the exhibition program. So far, I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it all. I have a far more different mindset from the Russian one. Luckily, I’ve got a team that helps me handle any kind of situation.

Точка ART: Please tell us about your future plans.

Nina Rassen «The couple of Peace» (mixed media techniques, multidimensional bionics). Artist’s archives.
Nina Rassen «The couple of Peace» (mixed media techniques, multidimensional bionics). Artist’s archives.

Nina Rassen: I’d really like my art to be as accessible as possible. Not only is it for galleries, museums, and private collections, but also part of people’s daily life. I believe that things around us are able to fill our routine with colour and positive energy. That’s why I’m thinking of making prints whether they are on apparel or other fabrics to decorate the interior. Wall murals may become an interesting feature of your home as well as hotel and hospital lobbies. Smartphone wallpapers will be delighting your eye every time you use the device.

Apart from my «alien» pictures performed in multidimensional bionics style, I’ve been working at a contemporary fairy, so to speak. I call it «historic and esoteric bylina (epic)». The tentative title of the novel is «The Rassen Heiress, or Chronicles of an Alien Princess.»

I also plan to revive some of my production projects aimed at supporting talented people. I have been a producer for a long time, surrounded by a team of like-minded people. We held many events together targeting creative people who are trying their hands at doing artistic jobs such as artists, designers, singers, or writers. Usually, they are people of different professions and social status, from the homeless to descendants of the royal family.

I have all the necessary tools, and what’s more, the experience and eagerness to do something that would significantly influence Russia’s image and change all those stereotypes about its people.

Nina Rassen «The Creation. Day 1». Artist’s archives.

Recently, one of the information resources of the Principality of Andorra published a large article about me. Even despite my nationality, the local journalists were happy to put this news in the spotlight. So the editor of the periodical gave a whole spread for an interview for free. Which was quite unexpected for me.

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