Key Challenge: New Online Quest from Rijksmuseum

01 февраля 2021

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During the period of temporary lockdown the main museum in Amsterdam comes up with variety of activities for its visitors online. While adults enjoy the greatest masterpieces from the museum collection through a new platform Rijksmuseum Masterpieces Up Close, children are offered to participate in a fascinating quest.

© Rijksmuseum

The main aim of the quest, which was made for children aged 9 and over, is to play by themselves or together with their friends, and to find 10 keys, hidden in the artworks in online-museum, to solve puzzles, to collect 10 letters and make up a word using them. Everyone who reaches the final point has a chance to win the prize!

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On November, 5 Rijksmuseum closed for two weeks because of quarantine regulations and now it is focused on online projects. All virtual activities can be found on its website.

Translated by Polina Vologdina

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