Highlights of Christie’s 20th Century evening sales

28 сентября 2020

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Christie’s 20th Century evening sales celebrate the emergence of the defining modern art era spanning to the cutting-edge contemporary art of today. Following in the footsteps of ONE, the series of hybrid sales with enhanced live-streaming will offer a new collecting opportunity ahead of the traditional November marquee sale week in New York. Standouts include an early example of the revolutionary drip painting technique by Jackson Pollock and a superlative watercolour by Paul Cézanne, in addition to works by Twombly, Rothko, de Kooning and Matisse. Discover the season’s top works and collections and explore our related features in advance of the highly anticipated sales beginning in October.

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Cy Twombly «Intitled (Bolcena)», 1969. Est.: $35-45 mln © Christie’s
Mark Rothko «Intitled», 1967. Est.: $30-50 mln © Christie’s
Willem de Kooning «Woman (Green)», 1969. Est.: $35-45 млн © Christie’s
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